Dealing With Unwanted Erections


One of the most frustrating aspects of male sexualityy has to be how involuntary some of it can be.

Just take the unwanted erection for example.

It doesn’t take much for the body to snap into “excitement” mode.

You can be riding down the road and a bump will make your pants rub against you in just the right way, and that’s all she wrote.

Even if your mind wasn’t lingering on anything even remotely sexual, the slightest physical sensation can set things off. 

Of course, a lot of men wake up with erections.

Other times, it’s even worse; it’s also pretty easy to end up with sudden erections even if you’re in the midst of some sort of social situation.

There are a lot of horror stories out there about guys that were in school or at the local pool, only to suddenly have their bodies betray them in a truly embarrassing manner. – ED Reverser Review

So what can you do? I noticed I was experiencing a lot more involuntary erections than seemed reasonable, so I simply started wearing looser clothing.

It may not always be the sharpest look around, but a nice loose pair of gym shorts can be a life saver. If you have the same issue, maybe you should try out the same tactic!