Replenish your body with Nourishing Foods

So, in order to flourish through the winter, you’ll need to make an extra effort to Slow Down, Rest More and Replenish your body with Nourishing Foods.


Not always easy- in our modern world that seems to ‘go, go, go’ 24/7, regardless.


However, with a few small changes to your diet and lifestyle, you can start to experience the benefits of a ‘Healthier Supply’ of Yin Jing!


Here are my top ‘Yin Jing Cultivating‘ suggestions:


+ Take More Time To Rest


+ Make sure you keep warm (especially your kidney/ lower back area- which you can wrap in a piece of cloth traditionally known as a Haramaki)


+ Take Yin Jing Replenishing Herbs like my Rejuvenate Blend  (which, BTW, is on Sale at the moment…see the P.S. section of the email)


+ Add a good raw, mineral-rich salt to your diet. You can get the best salt ever here: Premium Raw Portuguese Sea Salt (also on Sale)


+ Stay Hydrated- Don’t let your water intake fall with the temperature. – 3 week diet plan review


+ Eat slow cooked soups and stews packed with root vegetables, seaweeds, and beans such adzuki, black, or kidney.


For My Taoist Health & Fitness Academy, I asked Holistic Super Chef Hayley North to create some Exceptionally Nourishing Recipes to support all the Organ Systems.