Why Does Erectile Dysfunction Respond To Foreplay?


When people hear the word foreplay, in relationship to sex, they often think of it as a delay for men, they may find that it is absolutely unnecessary because they are already ready to have sex.

For women, foreplay is about being intimate.

It is it really about trying to improve the type of sex you are able to have.

However, for men that are happening erectile dysfunction problems, this might be the one thing that allows them to avoid pharmaceuticals and get things back to normal.

Why Is Foreplay So Important To Having Consistent Sex?

The reasons for doing foreplay prior to sex are not about building the relationship. It’s not even about getting excited.

What you are doing is getting your body into a state where it is not focused on the events of the day, or your problems at work.

It is completely focused on the person that you are about to have sex with.

This will get your hormones flowing, and also improve your ability to get an erection and keep it there for quite some time.

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It is absolutely essential to do this, especially if you are having erectile dysfunction problems which might be resolved if you simply do a little more foreplay.